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SR S3: Ep. 1 – Keep Your Stride

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The #skillsrecharged conversation continues during season three on the #careertipper podcast. During episode one, Michele shares tips on keeping your stride while keeping your skills recharged. She gives an update on how she’s been executing the professional development advice she shares with others. Michele also gives a sneak peek of which skills will be discussion topics during season three with industry experts.

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[00:33] Michele shares a personal and professional updates

[3:02] Michele chats about keeping your stride and the strategy for the s.t.r.i.d.e. acronym she created.

[3:49] S – stats overview

[4:29] T – teachable overview

[4:52] R – research overview

[5:13] I – intentionality overview

[5:38] D – development overview

[6:04] E – engagment overview

[6:31] A story of keeping your stride about the seed and education company, Floret.

[8:19] Michele shares her personal example of keeping her stride.

Written by: Michele Badie

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