The “Why” Behind the Confidently You Blog Series

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Navigating our careers, businesses, and side gigs through a pandemic has taught some and reminded others of the power of self-confidence. Being flexible in approach, mindset, and execution of tasks has helped create win-win outcomes from various what-if scenarios that have proven that adapting through change, expected and unexpected, reveals tenacious strength. We have discovered the benefits of creativity in engineering solutions, retooling plans, and relationship building. Believing in our skills and abilities is the foundation of it all. Meditating on the belief that everything is ultimately working together for our good, our careers and businesses will regain momentum or continue to thrive profitably.

Self-confidence is also knowing that we can learn new skills and processes. These endeavors can require a combined investment of your time and money that may be sacrificial and range from challenging to fun while expanding your professional network and adding credible validation to your skillset. Professionals who commit to spending time to master their skills and consciously being active listeners can position themselves to attract the resources needed and wanted. Being flexible through the ebbs and flows from the demands of our workplaces teaches us to accept on an ongoing basis that plans change, and the need to stay focused and press through is a necessity to keep the momentum of the course towards progression. Sometimes while working through gnarly sentiments that can loom, encouraging ourselves not to dwell on what we cannot control, be it emotions or outcomes, molds the champion in each one of us.

There are only lessons learned, right? We often have to come back to the basics of what makes us confident, personally and professionally, through an unction—a call to action, to be accountable to ourselves, our dreams, and our goals. The action plan personified for each of us is innately different from a review, planning, and executing perspective. During my tenure in Career Services in for-profit higher education, I realized that confidence versus lack of knowledge and skills often stopped many qualified professionals from fully pursuing their career goals and aspirations. That professional experience was the genesis of my journey to launching Career Tipper. My Career Tipper efforts have evolved to encouraging professionals to keep their skills recharged and hire-ready. The focus on skills recharged bloomed into series through the Career Tipper podcast. Now, I’m expanding Skills Recharged to be a medley of a call to action and a guide to evolving to your professional best.

I self-published Confidently You to serve as a guided baseline to assist professionals at any stage of their career in developing or restructuring their career strategy through a 21-day action plan to discover and evaluate their professional best with a bonus week. You can purchase your copy of the book on Amazon.

This book can potentially produce clarity of possibly defining the following steps to solidify to creating an action plan to keep your skills recharged. Career shifts, intros, and reminders of best practices that we need to reconnect with, revealing aha moments and a heightened attitude of “I got this.” can be our outcomes. This blog series further expounds on some of the listed days in the book.

Written by: Michele Badie

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